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Some e-cig manufacturers make similar coils to other companies. And sometimes these similar coils will fit in a variety of same brand or different brand tanks. However, this is not always the case.

ie. Aspire Atlantis Evo coils will work great in the Tobeco Super Tank Mini. In contrast, the Tobeco Super Tank Mini coils don't fit so nicely in the Aspire series of tanks (ie. Atlantis Evo / Triton).

It is important that when you try a different brand's version of coils in your tank, that you do your research. We have lists of cross compatible coils on our webpages, but these lists are not all encompassing so you may find a tank not on the list that may still work.

Did you purchase a coil that doesn't seem to work correctly? There may be a few reasons. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1. Are they compatible?
ie. Eleaf Ello HW series of coils are compatible with most of Vaporesso's Cascade series of tanks. They are not compatible with the Cascade Baby 22mm.

2. Are you trying to put a sub-ohm coil on a positive-ohm device?
ie. An Aspire K3 Kit (positive-ohm) is not capable of powering a 0.7ohm (sub-ohm) coil.

3. Is the device capable of reading your coil correctly and firing at the recommended wattage?
ie. Smok's Stick series (such as the Prince Stick) can fit the Wotofo Flow coils, but as they are an unregulated mod, they will not fire properly. You may get a few puffs, but you will find that they do not work as intended.

4. Does the coil need some adjustment?
ie. In the case with the Aspire Atlantis Evo coils, they will fit in the Super Tank Mini if the bottom pin of the coil is pulled out just a little - you must be careful when doing this not to pull it all the way out. The reason for this is that without doing this, the coil is not able to make contact with the pin in the base of the tank so your device can not read it.

We hope this helps you keep on vaping without any issues!

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